Rustic Natural Hardwood Wine Rack Bottle Organizer, Storage Display, or Home Decor


This shelf is handcrafted from premium hardwood that suits both modern and classic style sensibilities. A great place to display your wine collection and store wine glasses, this rack is perfect for a kitchen or dining room in any home, apartment, or condo. This rack is an fashionable addition to any room that can help you take your space from cluttered to clean and organized, while still looking elegant and timeless.


Length: 18”
Width: 5 ¾”
Height: 11”

This piece does not include the accessory items shown in the pictures. Please use our “Wood Selection” image in the listing to reference hardwood colour. Hardwood colour captured in the photos might vary slightly due to the natural non-stained origin of the hardwood. Two keyholes hangers are installed on the back are 16 inches apart, making it easy to mount to existing wall studs. Contact us directly for any special request.

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